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Social Media Trends Need To Know In 2023

When planning your marketing for 2017, it’s important to know what trends will be most influential.

These seven forecasts will drastically alter your business’s social media strategy.

Here Are 7 Emerging Social Media Trends That Will Rewrite Your Ad Campaign

The First Benefit of Omni-Channel Advertising

Nowadays, multi-channel marketing has become a standard practise. Whatever device a user is using, it will be able to access the desired content.
However, omni-channel advertising is in its infancy.

Even after my recent talk on omni-channel marketing at Hubspot’s #Inbound16, I can see why people might get the two mixed up.

Omni-channel marketing, in contrast to multi-channel marketing, unifies all of a company’s promotional efforts across all available channels.

Take your customer on an adventure with omni-channel. They have a consistent and satisfying experience with your product in any channel they access it through.

Omni-channel is malleable, allowing for a seamless transition from one online and offline channel to another, and from one device to another.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to shop on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or mobile phone…

Every platform and point of contact with the customer works in harmony with one another.

Ideas for Getting Started

1. Make sure your logo, colours, fonts, message, and everything else associated with your brand are consistent across all platforms. Provide multiple images and reviews for any physical goods you’re selling.

To better understand what customers are buying, when and where they are buying it, and why, businesses should implement inventory management systems to keep track of their stock levels.

Third, analyse data on how interested online shoppers are in your product, how often they click away, and how often they abandon their carts. If you know the cause and can provide more information on how to stop it, please do.

Consider the customer’s point of view on a consistent basis. Is there anything you can tell us about their interaction with you? Are there any roadblocks that you’ve put up? Efforts should now be made to enhance communication and the customer experience.

Video that is broadcast in real time

A revolutionary change occurred in the realm of live-streaming video in the past year.

As a result, previously exclusive features of live streaming became available to a wider audience. Open-source streaming platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live emerged.

Its popularity has been growing, and people are increasingly excited about it. There have been successes and failures, to be sure.

But from those early days, a marketing-friendly online community and media outlet emerged. Imagine the possibilities!…Our current world. Just give that some thought.

It may be too soon to tell what percentage of the market live streaming will end up with, but here’s what I think will happen.

The way we use social media today will evolve as a result of live streaming.

You can probably guess where this is going. Especially considering the consistent downward trend in conventional TV consumption.

More than nine hours per week, or more than one and a quarter hours per day, of traditional TV viewing decreased among 18 to 24-year-olds in Q2.

However, the popularity of live streaming has only increased recently.
The advantages are:

  • Greater transparency with your target audience
  • adds a personal touch to online advertising
  • Builds a repository of media for later consumption or repurposing
  • Makes it easier to absorb information from live audience reactions
  • Communication of product narratives from subject matter experts (BrandLive is our source)
  • Companies are increasingly using videos as part of their marketing strategies due to the fact that they provide a more personal glimpse into the company and can clarify complex ideas more effectively than words or still images alone.

Where should you tune in to watch a live stream?

Facebook Live is still the most watched live stream, but competition is heating up.
Content in Abbreviated Form (with a Term of Use)

Instagram and Snapchat may be most well-known among the 18-to-24-year-old set, but each app is worth billions of dollars on its own.

Live, time-limited content has exploded in popularity ever since Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories feature.

Due to the fact that it is deleted after 24 hours, the content is highly relevant and has a low production cost due to the fact that be on large viewers are looking for a “in the moment” experience.

Warby Parker, an optical retailer, has quickly become one of Snapchat’s most popular brands. By giving an inside look at the company, they have nailed the format’s informal, creative tone.

Fourthly, Relationship Marketing

As a concept, relationship marketing isn’t new in the realm of social media. My prediction for 2017 is the revival of genuine attempts to bring people together.

We just emerged from what I call the “transactional mindset” era, which lasted for quite a while. Some people used social media, but never bothered to build up a following or engage with others there.

It’s clear from the numbers that those times are long gone.
The key, however, is a guaranteed pleasant one.

Customers don’t want more choices; they want the best choice.

Customers also seek unique treatment during the shopping process.

Relationship marketing puts money into your current clientele as well as attracting new ones.

Loyal customers are much easier and cheaper to keep than to acquire, so this strategy works to that end.

Quality Always Wins

These days, it’s not enough to just post whatever you want on social media; it all needs to be part of a well-considered strategy.

We’re inundated on all sides with information, so if you want your brand to be noticed, you need to differentiate yourself by providing a novel spin on a tried-and-true solution.

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