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An Ultimate Guide: Social Media Trendjacking For Marketers

Because of the exponential growth of social media, companies are constantly on the lookout for fresh strategies to reap its benefits. This is done to cater to the ever-changing preferences of internet users.

Social media marketing is especially impacted by this.

Marketers are getting more innovative than ever when it comes to using social media as a platform to promote their products and services, from viral dance challenges to boost brand recognition to influencer marketing to establish credibility within certain online groups. You may also be considering “trendjacking” or “trend hijacking,” which is another one of the most popular and effective approaches.

Using social media trends for profit

Simply said, social media trendjacking is the practise of capitalising on a trend that has already gained traction on a social media site. It means riding the popularity of a trending subject and giving it your own brand’s twist.

If you want to make a success of it, you need to act swiftly and strategically. When done correctly, trendjacking can be quite useful, offering advantages such as:

Facilitate your ability to anticipate changes in the realm of social media. If you can catch a trend when it’s at its peak, you can profit from it until the excitement calms down.
Trends can also be used to reach out to previously untapped demographics. Those who are interested in a certain issue but might not have heard of your company can be reached by capitalising on that interest.
Provide something for social media that your audience will find interesting and useful. The more lively and engaging your social media pages are, the more likely customers are to stick with your company and its products.

Advice on how to ensure the success of your trend-following material

In certain cases, companies that try to “trendjack” wind up looking like fools. At best, failure occurs when audiences ignore your message because it does not relate to a hot topic.

In the worst-case scenario, this may make you a laughingstock among trend-watchers.

The advice here will help you avoid the second possibility.

Realize who you’re talking to. You need to know your audience well if you want to successfully “trendjack” something. To what end do they care? When it comes to entertainment, what do they often watch? Make an effort to appeal to those passions by making material that addresses their needs.
Keep abreast on the latest developments. Identifying a trend is the first step in stealing its thunder. It’s important to be up-to-date on current events and cultural phenomena to recognise when a trend is taking off on social media.
Use your imagination. Those that successfully “hijack” a trend do so because they are able to put their own twist on it. Do your best to put your own spin on current social media trends, and watch your popularity soar.
Act quickly. If you catch on to a trend early, people are more inclined to pay attention to you. Get an advantage over rival companies by being among the first to capitalise on a new social media trend in your advertising.
Avoid being offensive. While trying to hijack a social media trend, avoid being overly unpleasant or improper. Your goal is to be humorous, not offensive.

Finding and capitalising on prevailing fashions

Keeping an eye on what’s trending on social media is a great method to predict future developments in the realm of social media. You may accomplish this in a couple of ways: either by using a tool to keep tabs on social media or by paying close attention to the talks taking place there.

Using social media dashboards like Hootsuite or Sprout Social is another excellent method for locating popular topics. You may monitor the conversation happening on social media by following particular phrases and hashtags with the help of these tracking tools. Using this method can help you anticipate future trends and provide engaging content.

Finally, social media influencers can be used to learn about current trends. Social media “influencers” are popular and well-respected members of the online community. By collaborating with influential people on social media, you may learn how your target audience will react to emerging trends before they even hit the market.

Observations of note

  • If you’re not sure what to do, just ignore it. Consumers can tell when a company is just attempting to cash in on a fad, and they don’t take kindly to it. If you can’t think of a good way to work your brand into the story, you should probably ignore it and look for another opportunity.
  • Choose words and phrases that your target demographic will understand. Make it more approachable by include customer quotes and testimonials. Using common language is a powerful tool for building rapport and understanding.
  • Being precise is more valuable than being quick. Verify all trend data twice. The worst failures usually occur when people try to ride a trend without having a thorough understanding of the topic at hand, resulting in insensitive messaging. In order to avoid this situation, it is imperative that you conduct thorough research.
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