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My Rise To The Top Of Houston’s Social Media Influencer Rankings


I joined the internet and various social media platforms rather early on. When it comes to modern gadgets, I’m always the first to try them out. This is something that really interests me. Being ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge is a thrill for me. I joined the web before anyone I know was already using it. When it came to using a credit card for online purchases, I was the first to ditch the lan line. In a sense, I was a rebel. Do you remember when the internet wasn’t secure? When the first iPhones came out, I bought one immediately despite the high price tag of $499. Sure, I dropped a grand on my first iPhone. For a company owner, it was far more useful than the bulky Blackberrys of yesteryear. In January of 1996, I launched, an online community for female musicians. So much of the internet was unexplored back then. This site has such few users. During the years, I gradually expanded my network. Back in 2008, I was able to tweet from the ASCAP Expo in Los Angeles. When I first started using Twitter, it was still on the fringes of popularity. Outside of the computer community, not many people knew about it. So there I was, onstage with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, tweeting their thoughts on the music industry. It was awesome, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Someone was apparently “microblogging” from the conference by the time it ended. It was indeed me. Convicted as charged. Classifications based on factors like age. In 1996, I created my first online portfolio. Back in 1998, there was a Yahoo Group. In the year 2000, I started my very first weblog. In 2005, MySpace was extremely popular. It was 2007 and Facebook had just been founded. In 2008, Twitter gained considerable traction. Establishing a web presence early on is highly recommended.

Tweeting from the 2008 ASCAP Expo in real time

I think a key part of my success is because I am in charge of a huge online community ( where the majority of the members rely on social media for their daily interactions. Many people follow us across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, ReverbNation, etc. Much more so than you, I have a large number of followers on these channels. Every week, I hold a private online conversation for a select group of people and a public Twitter chat with the ubiquitous #ggchat hashtag. Two years ago in May, our little Twitter group of #ggchat celebrated two years of weekly Thursday night chats.

Priority One: Promotional Value

One must have a well-defined brand. This logo needs to distinguish you from the competition. For the tweetable version, click here Your personal brand is what makes you stand out from the crowd, therefore it should be true to who you are. Please explain the point you want to make. Your brand needs an identifiable symbol, like a logo or a photograph, to help people remember it. I designed a fantastic logo for my GoGirls group. My picture represents the Madalyn Sklar brand. The most important thing is that your branded picture appears in the same way across all of your online platforms. If you’re promoting your business online, stick to a consistent aesthetic throughout. Consistency is the key. During the heyday of Myspace, I discovered the potential of social networking. I put in a lot of hours advocating for the GoGirls line of products. It got to where I was constantly recognised wherever I went. People all around the country would recognise me as Madalyn from GoGirls and ask me where I was from. We’re buddies on MySpace! I blame the fact that I reused the same logo for my failure. In most cases, I stuck with the same approach.

In terms of reputation, popularity, and time in business, I consider myself to be Houston’s second-best option. There is no quick fix to get you to my level of success. That took years of dedication and perseverance. The bright side is that you can make it here as well. Prioritize your brand and your message first.

The Criteria

His new LinkedIn connections all have “Social Media” in their work descriptions and live in the Houston area. When he ran out of ideas, he turned to Twitter, where he solicited the opinions of his followers to build a list of roughly 350 items.

To get the number of users back down to 150, he removed all the accounts that belonged to corporations, agencies, or people who weren’t actively using social media. He then entered them all into Peek Analytics to determine the top 100.

The KPIs

To identify who these influencers are, it is helpful to examine the volume and engagement of the influencer’s audience (bots and spam accounts are not likely to engage with content or have relationships developed across networks). In light of this, he relied on the same approach, PeekAnalytics’ Total Social Pull, that Haydn employed while compiling the worldwide list.

Similar to Klout, Kred, or PeerIndex, a user’s audience may be evaluated with Social Pull. With a score of 825, Michele Price is 825 times more influential than the typical user. As I’m in second place, my impact is 674 times larger than the average person’s. Wow! Yet, the size of a network is not the only thing that can be gauged by this. The number and size of your followers’ various social networks are also considered. Simply said, your chances of exerting influence increase if you and your contacts both have large social networks. There is a number following each influencer’s Twitter Handle that represents their social pull rating.

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