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Boost your brand with these Instagram tools that every marketer needs

Instagram now has 500 million active users each day. It’s no longer only a fun way for amateur photographers and young people to share their work on the web. Every business owners should take use of this marketing tool. There are a variety of Instagram tools out there that can help your business’s marketing efforts.

Instagram has recently become a fertile ground for many new options. Growing your Instagram following actively brings in new business and raises your profile.
There are almost 200 million active Instagram users, and nearly all of them see at least one company profile each day.

The picture-sharing website has altered how entrepreneurs think about advertising. Instagram has revolutionised online product promotion for businesses with features like Business profiles, flexible advertising choices, and shopping tags.

If you utilise the correct tools to plan your Instagram posts, it may be a terrific platform to increase your earnings. We have compiled a collection of proven and true Instagram enhancement tools for you to utilise.

The Most Effective Instagram Tools


The most efficient strategy to attract new followers and spread your message is by using relevant hashtags. But, Hashtagify will help you locate the appropriate hashtags for your specific market.

What should I do?

You may use Hashtagify to learn more about the most popular hashtags as they develop in real time. Hashtag popularity, rival hashtags, trends, and more are all analysed.
It keeps an eye on your rivals and key opinion leaders, and it finds new hashtags that might be useful and easy to rank for your business.

Use the dashboard to track the hashtag’s popularity, trend, and other data over time. You can also use it to track out influential users of your hashtag.

Even without a premium account, Hashtagify is useful for free hashtag research. You can, for instance, see how popular your hashtag is and who your influencers are with the free plan.


Focalmark is, like hashtagify, an excellent smartphone app for discovering appropriate hashtags. Hashtags are created using a combination of user input and a rating algorithm. This means it works reliably as a web app, on iOS, Android, or both.
Seventy percent of Instagram’s hashtags are product-related.
Focalmark analyses the context, setting, and camera used to find relevant hashtags. When you provide the information, Focalmark will sort through hundreds of manually gathered hashtags and rate them based on how credible and real they are.
Machines and humans working together is both useful and advantageous. It’s well worth a few megabytes of space.

Social Blade

If you’re just getting started on Instagram, you may learn a lot by researching your competitors’ histories with this tool. A tool for analysing and predicting business expansion, Social Blade. Simply by inputting a competitor’s name, you may learn about their target demographic, the frequency with which they publish content, and the level of interaction with that content.

You may examine the development of your brand or that of another user with the use of line graphs and tabular data. It’s a free tool that can help you find anybody on Instagram using Zapier and use that information to make educated decisions about your next move.


Repost is a lifesaver if your site depends on user-generated material.

You should not always take a screenshot and submit it in order to properly attribute an image.
Saving time while preserving image quality is easy using Repost. The photo’s Share URL may be copied and pasted into Repost. Including attribution and a copy of the caption into the image’s creation is a streamlined process. That’s why it’s imperative that you update your profile right away.

The Android and iOS versions of Repost are identical.


Although Instagram is a visual social media site, professional photography skills are not required for success. VSCO is the best app to use if you aren’t skilled with photo editing tools.

VSCO gives your photos a fresh look at a time when Instagram-edited photos are becoming increasingly popular. It will elevate your smartphone photography to the next level by providing you with a comprehensive editing suite and high-definition filters. Further professional-grade filters can be purchased for use with the programme.
The modern interface of VSCO, which works on both iOS and Android, makes using the app a delight.


You may try out Snapseed if you’re looking for an alternative to Instagram’s standard filters. Snapseed’s brush feature allows you to make minute adjustments to your photos, whereas Instagram’s filters affect the entire image.
The Snapseed Stack function allows you to preserve the results of all your editing work in a single, reusable template. These themes might serve as a starting point for making your Instagram feed stand out from the crowd.


Even though Instagram Stories boasts 500 million daily users, many content producers are still not tapping into the app’s full potential.

Unfold is a newer app that focuses solely on Instagram stories. It contains options like exporting in high resolution and using pre-made narrative templates. It’s adaptable for both still images and moving pictures.
You can get the app and start making incredible Instagram stories without even making an account.


If you regularly send out a lot of messages, you may save yourself a lot of time by using RecurPost. It’s important to get the time and substance of your Instagram posts just right, or else your approach might suffer. RecurPost allows you to schedule future posts across many social networking channels, including Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.

You may schedule Facebook posts to communicate with your audience by posting on your profiles, numerous groups, and company pages. With RecurPost, you can use your personal or company Instagram account to publish entertaining visual content like photos, videos, and stories.

You may use RecurPost to plan out your tweets in advance, complete with variants and optimal publishing times. You may prearrange LinkedIn postings to initiate contact with relevant professionals. When you want to post visually engaging information about your items on Pinterest, RecurPost is the best scheduler available.

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