Best Practices for Creating Conversion-Driven Instagram Advertising in the Stories Format

Millions of users upload images, videos, and stories every day to Instagram, making it one of the most popular social networking sites available.

It’s a great place to share your thoughts and opinions, but it’s also a crucial marketing tool for companies.

Instagram’s Stories feature, which lets users post movies and photographs that vanish after 24 hours, is a huge hit with advertisers.

Businesses may expand their customer base with the help of Instagram Stories Ads, which display advertisements within the Stories feeds of certain users. Thanks to this, businesses can reach a wider audience on Instagram and promote their wares in a visually compelling and extremely efficient manner.

In this post, we’ll go over what Instagram Stories advertisements are and how advertisers can utilise them to reach their desired demographic.

Exactly Why You Should Be Using Instagram Advertising in Stories?

Advertisements on Instagram Stories are a fantastic method to present your brand, business, or product to those who are already interested in it and to attract new customers.

Instagram has revealed that one-fifth of all Stories receive private messages from their viewers, indicating that the platform’s Stories feature already generates a lot of interest.

Instagram Stories advertising may be created in a variety of forms, including video, picture, and carousel. 

Advertising may be designed and edited in advance and uploaded to Facebook’s Ad Manager, or you can use the Creative Hub to make a video ad that will play for up to 15 seconds.

Five seconds of a picture advertisement are shown. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you may make a photo ad or submit your own design.

Ads in the form of a carousel can showcase up to three images or videos at once.

Conversion-Optimized Instagram Ads: Story Design Considerations

If you’re just getting started with Instagram advertising and need some ideas or a simple system for converting your Instagram Stories advertisements into sales, here are 10 suggestions to get you off to a good start.

Think beyond the box

If you want to really experience a story, forget the photos and get into the movie.

As people are more likely to watch a moving image, advertisements that include videos are more effective. There is a rising market for commercial video content, and with shorter video views from reels, it is simple to distribute video commercials.

Consider these benefits of using video in your Instagram advertising for stories.

  • A departure from the brand’s typical colours and narrative
  • High-contrast custom text placement
  • Engaging users with quick animations
  • Possibility of enhancing films with a variety of graphic effects, audio effects, and transitions. It also includes a vast assortment of stickers, filters, and frames.

Embrace Your Company’s Logo

Your company’s logo is crucial to building brand recognition, so take some time to make sure it looks good and is easily recognisable. Consistent branding, including fonts, colours, and logos, helps users recognise you among a sea of competition.

It’s important to maintain cohesion between your ad and landing page designs. Because of this, the funnel is more unified.

Users are subjected to endless repetition of the little brand name in the upper left corner if branding is not included when displaying story advertising. Just keep track of how many times your brand name and emblem are mentioned and you’ll have your count.

Make Sure Your Style Fits With the Company’s

While creating advertising for Instagram Stories, it is critical to keep branding in mind.

Make sure your Instagram Stories advertisements are consistent with the Instagram template if you want to keep people interested and spread the word about your company.

The point is to get people thinking about it and interested in it, even if just for a moment.

Visualize and consider typefaces. Ensure that it always embodies the aesthetic values of your company. Using recognisable brand elements like colours, typefaces, and pictures makes this process a breeze. Instead, if you’re already utilising the Instagram Stories layout for your advertisements, keep doing so.

A definite requirement is prominent calls to action

While this may seem like an easy piece of advice for social media marketing, you’d be astonished at how many companies fail to achieve their objectives due to a lack of a strong call to action.

Since users no longer have the option to swipe up, it is crucial to have a compelling call to action (CTA).

Hence, prioritise a powerful call-to-action (CTA) that motivates the user to act instantly and place it at the very beginning and end of the visual content.

Marketing on Instagram Stories? Throw in Some Tuneage

Earlier this year, Instagram shared that 60% of Instagram Stories commercials are seen with sound enabled.

The use of audio, such as narration or music, can increase the effectiveness of your Instagram Stories advertisements.

Use music and sound effects in your Instagram Stories adverts.

Maximize Your Impact in Only 15 Seconds

To get the most out of your time, you should follow basic guidelines.

In order to fit more content into your movie, shoot it in portrait mode (file size: 1080 x 1920 pixels).
To get the audience’s attention, use fast cuts and transitions.
Take use of Instagram Stories’ polls and stickers.
Subtitles are highly advised for anyone with hearing or visual impairments.

Carousel story structure

There are times when a 15-second video or a single photograph just isn’t enough to convey the full story. That’s why Instagram Stories Advertisements come in a carousel arrangement.

Instagram carousel advertisements may be up to three photos or three 15-second videos, and they allow you to present a continuous tale across numerous portions.

It’s the same concept as the carousel advertising on Facebook. Users may touch, slide, and stop the content just like they can with real Instagram Stories. This is why it’s essential to start out strong with creativity and interest.

Solve Problems That Your Audience Has

Instagram users have the option to engage with your story, but it must do so quickly or they will move on.
There’s no turning back after the commercial has ended. It’s better to achieve this by directly addressing the problems that your customers are experiencing.