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How To Make The Most Of Instagram Stories For Promotional Purposes (Updated)

One of Instagram’s most compelling features is Instagram Stories. Ads that only run for 15 seconds but can outperform all other Instagram marketing methods if utilised properly.

The Instagram Stories feature is the app’s most engaging and individual component. You may use them to increase people’s awareness of your company through ads and sway people to make a purchase. If used properly, they may help your brand’s message resonate with viewers in the moment.

1. Special Features in Highlights and on Your Website

While it’s true that a lot of what’s posted on Stories is only relevant on that day, there are still plenty of Stories that you might want to keep around for other followers to enjoy.

Specifically, there are two options:

Don’t forget to include this in Highlights!

Instagram’s story highlights feature is quite useful. Those who like to retain their Stories on their accounts for a longer period of time can do so with this handy option.

If you want to save your stories for posterity, head over to the Story settings under your account’s security and privacy menu and enable the “Save To Archive” feature. As a result, you may keep track of all of your future Stories in the archives and select the best ones to highlight in the future.

Highlighted Articles on Your Site

EmbedSocial found a way to store and embed Stories on your website before Instagram introduced its Highlights feature. Nevertheless today, this method is employed by a great number of businesses in their quest to win over consumers and earn their confidence.

2. Tell stories.

The Instagram feature known as “Stories” has a specific intended use. Keep in mind that the stuff you provide on Stories shouldn’t be too promotional. It needs to be fresh and evocative to succeed.

One in five organic Stories get a private message, which is a pretty respectable rate.

Creating an emotional connection with your audience requires telling tales that are unique to you. Relationships with your followers on Instagram may be strengthened with the help of Stories. By encouraging emotional attachment to your brand’s narrative, you may increase your audience’s likelihood to make a purchase.

3. Engage with users and encourage participation

As we covered, one of the main benefits of using Stories is that they encourage more interaction from your audience. Not only can you keep tabs on the amount of likes, comments, and shares, but you can also use this information to learn more about the tastes and viewpoints of your audience.

Polls and reaction bars are just two examples of the various tools at your disposal for collecting real-time customer feedback and insights. Instagram Stories allows you to ask any question and generate new Stories depending on the responses you receive, increasing interaction.

This is a great approach to keep people interested and gain useful data. With this information, you may determine what kinds of material are most favourably received.

4. You should use information from Stories into your marketing plan

Information gleaned from using Stories as part of your marketing strategy is invaluable. A greater understanding of your target market’s tastes and interests is possible.

Applying these findings to your social media and other marketing channels (email, blog articles, paid advertisements, etc.) will help you achieve more success.

See which types of posts get the most likes and comments from your audience. Next, include those types of material and those kinds of themes into your larger marketing campaign for optimal results.

If you want to show that your teams are cohesive, focusing on omnichannel marketing is a good strategy. Your brand will thrive if you employ techniques that are both comprehensive and focused on the end user.

5. Enhance your influencer marketing database

Influencers frequently utilise Instagram Stories as a means of communicating with their followers. You may leverage their large fan bases to increase sales and exposure for your company.

The good news is that influencer marketing organisations can assist you in finding real people who are influential in your field. To maximise the return on investment of your social media marketing efforts, they may assist you in locating influencers that are pertinent to your brand.

6. Conduct collaborative marketing initiatives amongst brands.

Although it may not be free to join forces with another company, doing so might be a smart social media marketing strategy.

Choose a company that operates in the same market as you do, but isn’t a direct rival. Contact them by phone or in person to broach the subject of working together on Instagram Stories.

As an example, you may take over their Instagram Stories and use the platform to promote your business, office, and daily operations.

Simultaneously, Hopper Hq shared on Instagram Stories a collection of videos produced by Quuu’s staff demonstrating best practises for maintaining productivity while working from home.

Brands may use this as a two-way street to reach out to new customers and spread the word about what they do.

It’s also possible to perform an Instagram takeover in collaboration with a specialised influencer by having them document a typical day at the workplace for their followers. In addition, they may share feedback regarding their time spent with your goods and services.

Ensure that you request that they mention your Instagram account in their Stories and make use of your branded hashtags. Increasing your reach and arousing greater interest will be facilitated by this.

To sum up

Even if there is a lot of competition in the social media space, 15-second Stories still have a lot to offer companies and marketers.

There are plenty of folks who will scroll through Instagram Stories for hours without noticing how much time has passed.

Make good use of this feature’s addictive nature to maintain visibility in your target audience’s Instagram feed. With interesting Stories, you may raise the profile of your company and boost sales on Instagram.

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