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How To Make A Converting Instagram Ad Reel In 3 Easy Steps

You may have noticed that Instagram now offers a Reel Ad option. Your Reel Ads will thereafter appear in the most visited Reels-related locations.

As a result, you’ll have a greater influence on a wider range of individuals and get access to previously untapped audiences. What’s even better? When you do, using it will feel like using nothing at all.

“Reels’ influencer marketing campaigns have been doing very well…” With less competition for influencer material than TikTok, IG Reels might be a fantastic method to get your video in front of a large audience.

Ads for Instagram Reels appear next to your regular Reels. This implies that your viewers will see your ad without it detracting from their natural experience of your content.

Advertisements for reels can be made in three different methods.

The first step is to select videos that are both educational and natural.
A Reel advertisement gives you 30 seconds to market the sponsored content. This emphasises the need of delivering material that reads as natural and not overly marketed.

Your Reel can be assembled from several clips and still images, or it can be a single 30-second movie. You could play a video of yourself instructing a lesson, or you could make a “how we made this product” Reel with B-roll and still photographs. Both of these are excellent ideas for commercials.

Based on research conducted by Hubspot’s Martina Bretous, “Consumers want brands to be more authentic, and content like this can humanise your brand and help build a stronger connection with your audience.”

Add subtitles and stickers to your Reels once you’ve selected the footage that encourages natural user interaction with your offer.

Including captions allows the Reel to be seen with the sound turned off. Sticking interactive stickers like hashtags, locations, products, polls, and questions in your Reel helps boost its visibility and participation.

Two, compose an attention-grabbing caption with a distinct call to action.

Since you want people to take action after seeing your Instagram Reel ad, the call to action you provide there is crucial.

Captions are sometimes overlooked, but they are ideal real space for restating what you talk about in your Reel and providing value-add to entice the audience to go through to your landing page.

Your caption’s opening line should be a catchy introduction to the piece; subsequent paragraphs should provide context and more information. Then, have a call to action (CTA) that stands out at the conclusion.

Try to make your statements brief and command-like, such “click here” or “learn more” or “come say hi.” All of these come off as approachable and safe despite their seeming simplicity.

You need to be convincing without being demanding. When you write in a persuasive manner, readers will want to stay on reading. Your call to action (CTA) will be more compelling if you provide concrete value, such as a price reduction.

The clock-based strategy is another option. If your Reel ad is promoting a sale on a product, for instance, you may include phrases like “for a limited time only” or “don’t miss out.” Users are more likely to respond to your call to action if they feel that they must act quickly.

Finally, make sure your call to action (CTA) has an engaging design that stands out from the rest of the page.

Make your Reel ad stand out by using vibrant, high-contrast colours. Make your call to action more interesting by transforming it into an interactive GIPHY sticker.

Third, optimise your landing page for conversions by targeting the audience of your Reel ads.

You want the visitor to get to a landing page that encourages subscriptions, signups, or purchases once they’ve viewed your Instagram Reel ad and clicked the CTA.

Your landing page should serve as an expanded call to action for your Reel ad. A landing page’s sole purpose is to boost conversion rates, hence it should include a single CTA and no navigational elements.

Then, check that your Reel ad’s landing page has a relevant connection to it and conveys the same message. After seeing your ad, people should feel as though they have arrived at their desired destination.

Your landing page’s introduction needs to mention that the user came from Instagram. If you want the user to keep reading the landing page, you’ll need to include some extra information above the fold.

With a landing page that flows naturally into your Reel audience, you may increase sales of your product, service, or programme since your target demographic will have no trouble making the switch.

The most efficient method of accomplishing this is by using concise, well-written text on a cleanly laid-out page. Again, you want to keep things simple so that people can easily find your call to action, be it a masterclass signup or a product purchase, without having to hunt around.

Landing page templates are a wonderful option if you aren’t familiar with landing page creation or don’t have the funds to hire web designers.

To Sum Up

Instagram Reel advertising are a great way to attract new customers and generate leads for your brand.

Your Reel ad will succeed if it has captivating videos and subtitles and links to a landing page that stays on topic.

Customers who opt in as a result of seeing your Reel ad will have a higher lifetime value since they will know exactly what your company is doing and why it is doing it.

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