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These Are 5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts For Marketers

Good ideas are always welcome in the marketing world (we know, because we do it all the time).

Everyone is searching for methods to make their Instagram browsing time more than just a waste of time. Both missions have a single, well-curated solution. Among the cute animal and food photos, there’s a wealth of knowledge on online advertising and expanding your brand’s reach that you can weave in. To do this, you need just subscribe to the appropriate accounts.

These are five Instagram accounts to follow if you want to be inspired by their superb advice and examples.

1. HubSpot

Though HubSpot’s name and offerings are common knowledge among business owners and marketers, the company’s social media presence is nevertheless interesting to follow. Although while HubSpot’s Instagram account offers helpful hints and checklists, it is the company’s charts and statistics that truly set them apart. Instagram’s marketing posts are sometimes anecdotal or broad, but HubSpot’s data visualisations and insights may help you better understand your industry.

2. Neil Patel

When it comes to marketing, especially search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, Neil Patel’s Instagram is quite useful. He uses IGTV to share bite-sized video instructions on a variety of topics, from Google Analytics prowess to content marketing insights, and his page is loaded with swipeable ideas and motivational business quotations. In our opinion, watching just a few of these films will be well worth your time. You should definitely follow Patel on Instagram.

3. The Social Chain

The social media marketing division of the digital agency Social Chain. You may find rankings of the finest social media websites, as well as rankings your brands, social media strategies, and social media data for various large corporations. Many of the statistics they provide on Instagram are accompanied by visually appealing graphs that help readers make sense of the data. This account will revolutionise social media marketing, which is a field in which almost everyone is involved at this point.

4. Dain Walker,

Brand strategist Dain Walker enjoys a sizable and engaged following on Instagram. His material is not only informative but also rather varied. When it comes to a specific subject, like hashtags or brand positioning, Walker may go into great detail. Besides specific information, he also offers business advice and other general information. His work is also exceptionally well-designed, and who doesn’t like such things?

5. Words: Steve Mellor

Follow Steve Mellor if you want to improve your Instagram marketing approach because he is well-known for his expertise in this area. He shares both broad concepts and actionable advice that can help online marketers increase their site’s visibility and the proportion of visitors who become paying customers. Mellor’s account is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in expanding their Instagram following.

6. A Digital Marketer

And by the way, are you following us on Instagram? Through our social media channels, we take pleasure in providing timely, actionable intelligence. Nonetheless, we do throw in the occasional meme since marketing is tough and you have to laugh occasionally. We believe our account offers the most benefits of both types of services.

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