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Four Innovative Brand Campaigns On Instagram

But nowadays, brands are smarter as well. Most businesses now understand the significance of social media and develop strategies that are uniquely suited to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Instagram’s visual nature has allowed for certain firms to create some really original profiles.

In this article, we will look at four of the most innovative and fascinating marketing ads that have used Instagram.


Tiffani’s has built their brand on the idea of “real love” for quite some time. They’ve opted to take that notion and apply it graphically since Instagram’s ascent.

A team of Instagrammers were dispatched to New York and Paris with the mission of capturing and sharing photographs of “real love” in both cities.

There were hundreds of entries when they asked users to share the greatest Instagram photographs of their own “true love.”

They have produced one of the greatest and most inventive Instagram ads by employing both aesthetically pleasing photographs and calls to action that encourage followers to get involved.

Sunglasses by Warby Parker

The glasses firm has held a number of “Insta-Walks,” or imaginative Instagram campaigns that take customers on a trek from the brand’s offices to a rooftop party in a different section of town.

Walkers are urged to keep a photographic journal of their journeys, posting updates and photos to Instagram with a reference to the company’s account.

Wary Parker receives a deluge of picture promotional material in exchange for providing free drinks at the trip’s final rooftop party.


Heineken rethought the traditional “scavenger hunt” competition entirely.

The brand put up an image montage and asked its followers to hashtag the photos where they saw the hidden objects.

The hunt’s prize was a free trip to the United States for the winners. Men’s Open Championship Game.

This contest attracted a large number of visitors and maintained the brand top-of-mind without resorting to gimmicky promotion.

However, unlike many other contests, this one was structured in such a way that visitors were never taken away from the Heineken website. A really imaginative Instagram campaign might sometimes help with redirection problems.


Puma opted to contract out their advertising since it lacked a sizable Instagram following.

They reached out to some of Instagram’s most popular users for marketing rather than provide on their own fan base.

These Instagrammers were dispatched to events in order to capture memorable moments for later inclusion in Puma’s online gallery and hashtag campaign.

Some of the “photographers” were even dispatched to foreign lands like Abu Dhabi, with the stated goal of documenting the “amazing places that shoes transport you.”

Smart move on Puma’s part to enlist the help of popular Instagrammers to spread these images far and wide.

Finding interesting and useful applications for Instagram in business marketing is a big part of the fun.

Instagram might seem like a lot to take in for a business that wants to give it a try.

Consider your company’s requirements and the impression you want to provide to customers before deciding to use Instagram for marketing purposes.

You may utilise this information to your advantage in the campaign, or you can try to change or alter people’s perceptions of you.

You may relax if you feel you need some outside assistance; there are many SEO firms out there that are also well-versed in social media marketing.

Instagram marketing that is both interesting and original is still largely unexplored, leaving a lot of opportunity for companies of all sizes.

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