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Here Are Ten Pointers For Making Profitable Instagram Ads Stories (With Examples From Established Brands).

Instagram claims that brand awareness increases by 50% when users view advertising. In addition, a third of all ad impressions in the third quarter of 2020 came from Instagram stories, according to a survey by Merkle.

Therefore, telling stories is the most effective strategy for reaching your audience.

Here Are Ten Suggestions To Make Your Instagram Ads More Successful

You may set ad objectives and have Facebook determine optimal ad placements based on those objectives, maximising your return on investment.

Don’t forget to employ these strategies to engage your audience no matter what kind of Instagram account you have or what ad placement you pick.

Try out video ads on Instagram Stories

Instead of reading a book, try watching a video.

Because people’s eyes are naturally drawn to motion, commercials with videos perform better than those with still images. Running a video ad is also a no-brainer in light of the growing popularity of short-form videos on Reels.

Despite their seeming complexity, videos like this are actually rather simple to produce because to Story editing tools like Videoleap. You may make your films more interesting by using transitions, audio effects, and other visual effects. It also has a large sticker and filter collection.

Keep your communication brief.

Ads are effective, yet they can negatively impact the user experience. Users are subjected to endless repetition of adverts that offer nothing of interest. Therefore, individuals may have an immediate reaction to swipe right and leave when they see the sponsored label in an Instagram story ad.

This implies you have a very limited time to capture their interest. To win over your user, you need not compose an encyclopaedic treatise. Instead, get up a thick copy.

Use This Story Template to Incorporate Your Brand’s Logo

This may seem like common sense, but it’s crucial to building a strong brand. Having a recognisable typeface, colour scheme, and logo helps set you apart from the competition. To make your marketing funnel look more professional, you should choose a design aesthetic that is consistent throughout.

Experiment with Raw, DIY Commercials

Users like commercials that aren’t highly manufactured and instead include raw, real content shot in a “badly-lit” environment. TikTok, and now Reels, have levelled the playing field so that even individuals without extensive resources may publish high-quality videos online. As a result of consumers’ increasing need for raw, unfiltered information, a growing number of firms are capitalising on user-generated material or consciously making “bad” advertisements.

Have a prominent and compelling call to action (CTA)

A clear call to action should be shown clearly; this may seem like a basic piece of advice for social media marketing, but you’d be astonished at how many firms fail to do so.

Since user behaviour has shifted without the Swipe Up option, a compelling call to action is essential.

Think About Where You Want To Put Text Strategically

It’s possible that all of your ad copy, not simply the call to action, needs revising.

To begin, avoid placing text directly under the sponsored label if you want to divert attention away from it. Instead, mimic Hopper and put the text in the middle of the ad with a centre alignment:

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Carousel Ad Format for Stories

The carousel structure lends itself well to in-depth narrative.

Take another look at Milkshake’s advertising.

Users who might have otherwise tried the app after seeing a single picture or video ad may be dissuaded from doing so because of the difficulty of creating a website. The simplicity and efficiency of the app’s interface is a key selling point for the company.

If you want to model your marketing efforts like Gap’s, check out their Story carousel commercial. The swipeable three-card carousel outperformed their prior Instagram carousel ad by 73 percent in terms of call-to-action.

Optimise for maximum impact in under 15 seconds

The individual photos with animations in this Instagram story commercial are fantastic since Prequel has exploited the app’s functionality to make them, which is evocative of the classic boomerang effect.

Include Sound in Your Instagram Ads

Instagram story advertisements that include music are a great way to appeal to viewers’ ears as well as their eyes.

Commercials often use catchy tunes. When used well, sound may make an advertisement more memorable and evoke an emotional response long after it has been seen.

Sports management researcher and assistant professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University Dr. Hyun-Woo Lee found that commercials featuring music “elicit higher emotional arousal and attention level, as well as increased purchase intention and brand attitude than those without.”

It’s Time to Make Instagram Ads for Your Stories

The finest Instagram marketing strategies are, well, the best.

Discovering your target audience’s pain points is the first step towards crafting an effective advertisement.

Next, use what you’ve learnt to verify or refute your initial ideas. These studies work best with a sizable user base because a lack of participants might distort findings. Increase your return on ad spend by targeting an audience comprised of your followers. Check out how Original Grain benefited from Kicksta’s approach to organic growth.

Last but not least, realign your plan and concentrate on optimisation based on test findings to get the most out of your advertising budget.

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