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All Instagram Addicts Should Download These 5 Apps

You’re probably having a tough time breaking into the limelight if you’re still using the official Instagram app. All those well-known Instagram users don’t rely just on Instagram itself to craft their flawless hashtags, stunning effects, and memorable captions. To make their Instagram posts more interesting, they employ third-party applications that are compatible with the platform.

If you’re like me and want more followers and likes on Instagram, these five applications will help you do just that.

First Caption

Instagram captions (iOS only) are a great way to give your images a personal touch. However, it’s not always easy to think of a catchy caption that gets the point through. You may use a programme called Captiona to assist you with this task. It’s an iOS software that generates a wide variety of clever captions in response to a single input term.

Captions aren’t available for every possible search term, but common ones like “travel,” “tech,” “beauty,” “fitness,” “inspiration,” and so on are all covered. Captions may be copied with a simple swipe, and an in-app keyboard makes it easy to create captions right in Instagram.

Instagram-inspired design layout

The official Instagram collage app is perfect for those who enjoy piecing together memories via the art of collage. The programme allows you to freely arrange up to nine photographs as you stitch them together. The app’s user-friendly approach to editing is one of my favourite features. You can quickly and effortlessly move, rotate, resize, and switch pictures only by using your finger.

Using Instagram’s editing features and filters, you may improve the college’s appearance. When finished, the collage may be uploaded to Instagram or stored to the device’s photo library.


Snapseed is one of the greatest photo-editing applications for smartphones, despite being a lesser-known software developed by Google. The app gives you access to high-quality editing tools, guaranteeing that your Instagram photos will stand out from the crowd. The software contains 25 filters and tools to instantly improve your images, in addition to the standard crop, rotate, colour balance, etc.

It has automated editing features to fix minor flaws, but you may also adjust anything by hand if you choose. Snapseed’s interface is entirely swipe-controlled, allowing you to individually edit any part of the image. The best part is that Snapseed can read RAW files, make edits to them, and then save them back in the raw format.

Instagram Hashtags, Number Four

The most important aspect of increasing Instagram views is selecting appropriate hashtags. The Hashtags for Instagram app should help you find and use the best hashtags for your posts. There are hundreds of hashtags to select from, organised into over a hundred different categories, in this app. Choose the appropriate label for your post, and the app will provide a long list of relevant hashtags that you can easily copy and paste into Instagram.

Instagram’s Hyperlapse

An additional official Instagram app. Hyperlapse (only to iOS) allows for extremely steady time-lapse filming. Time-lapse videos are videos that are captured at a slow frame rate and then sped up to regular viewing speed. This effectively generates a slow-motion movie of a lengthy occurrence. Time-lapse photography makes it possible to see, say, a sunrise or sunset in only 10 seconds.

This tool lets you capture moving time-lapse films and stabilises them automatically with stunning precision, giving them a cinematic feel. The films may be sped up by a factor of twelve, and the software makes it simple to post them on Instagram. Try out Hyperlapse if you want to capture long-lasting moments.

Instagram’s Hyperlapse feature isn’t compatible with Android devices at this time. Instead, you may test out Microsoft’s Hyperlapse. It performs an excellent job at stabilising movies and is quite simple to use.

Concluding Ideas

You may use these five applications to design stunning Instagram posts and then promote them effectively. Hashtags are a crucial part of using Instagram and Snapseed, in my opinion. But if you’d rather use your imagination, try some of the other applications I’ve recommended.

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