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Ideas & Samples For Social Media Posts In Honour Of Halloween

Three surefire Halloween social media posts

A growing number of companies’ social media pages have been taken over in the last few days by frightening zombies, skeletons, witches, and other such monsters.

As a result, there is increasing pressure to outdo the competitors with a clever Halloween advertising campaign.

As could be expected, well-known companies have put considerable resources into their Halloween advertising efforts, coming up with a wide variety of creative and engaging ideas (which we’ll detail in a little).

While it’s true that each of these Halloween marketing initiatives is unique and intriguing in its own right, it’s also reasonable to argue that good ads don’t have to break the bank.

One important lesson to be learned from the most successful Halloween ads of years past is that viewers respond best to narrative-driven videos.

Keep reading for some tricks and sweets we have prepared for you in the form of clever Halloween marketing ideas that will help you raise your business’s sales this quarter.

1) Make a series of Halloween-themed videos that are appropriate for your brand’s demographic.

The coming of Halloween has a significant influence on the cosmetics business, along with the candy and costume industries.

Now that the Christmas season has officially begun, cosmetics companies may step up their visual content game on social media by incorporating new, inventive ideas.

Makeup company Revolution, located in London, for instance, promoted many Halloween looks with a series of quick films posted on social media.

The brand’s ability to appeal to a wide range of consumers by exploring a variety of emotional states and flavour profiles (from sugary to spooky) paid off handsomely.

2. Have a giveaway.

While larger firms can afford more elaborate marketing initiatives like Halloween social media promotions, even those with fewer resources may benefit from this occasion.

This is especially true for companies selling Halloween-themed goods like treats, costumes, and decorations.

Halloween is a great time to present your company to a large group of eager trick-or-treaters because giveaways are every social media fan’s favourite post type, generating quite a few eyeballs and increased interest in a specific business.

Make advantage of entertaining and original user-created content

The social media landscape is always changing and developing as new trends and online behaviours are introduced by the younger generations.

The fact that TikTok has emerged as the dominant platform is indicative of the growing desire amongst social media users for genuine interactions and unscripted material.

User-generated content, which serves as a trust signal and boosts a brand’s legitimacy, is a great resource for modern businesses engaging in social media marketing.

You can, then, count on the support and suggestions of your network if you’re at a loss for what to write about in your Halloween social media postings.

Below is an ASOS Halloween-themed movie that was uploaded by a user, demonstrating the great engagement that can be achieved with user-generated content when used for Halloween posts. It really is incredible.

Halloween social media promotions that really stand out

As Halloween draws near, businesses across the board have begun getting into the spirit by including scary figures on their social media feeds. This includes companies selling anything from candy and cosmetics to plane tickets and hotels.

Although there are many excellent concepts for Halloween-themed social media campaigns, we will be focusing on three that have demonstrated the most originality in our research.

In-N-Out Burger

Every social media user has seen or at least heard of Burger King’s innovative marketing strategies at some time.

Burger King is one of the social media industry’s most daring and cutting-edge names because it’s not afraid to take risks.

Burger King, always one of the most creative brands when it comes to Halloween social media marketing, lived up to its reputation this year.

Burger King has recently begun its #HomeOfTheGhosts Halloween marketing campaign, which includes more than just social media this year.

Like other creative efforts, this year’s campaign began with a teaser, which Burger King posted on its Instagram account.

Concluding Ideas

The aforementioned Halloween marketing strategies should have provided enough information and ideas for you to create engaging Halloween-themed social media posts that will appeal to your target audience.

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