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So, What Exactly Is Advertising On Facebook’s Messenger?

In my opinion, chatbot marketing on Facebook Messenger is the future of online advertising.
The potential of messenger marketing has not been fully realised, despite the fact that it is the most successful marketing channel we have seen in over a decade.

What exactly is advertising on Facebook’s Messenger?

For business purposes, Facebook Messenger marketing is interacting with potential consumers using the Facebook Messenger app.

Messenger on Facebook allows you to accomplish a lot of the same things that email marketing does, such as collecting email addresses for a mailing list, sending automated messages, etc. Nevertheless, with Facebook Messenger, your reach, speed, and interaction rates will all increase significantly.

By its own, Messenger is a fantastic app. When used in conjunction with Messenger chatbots, their true potential becomes apparent. It’s possible to teach a chatbot on Messenger to do just about anything. And it’s scalable, so you can do it anywhere. See what other Brand24 features are available in Messenger here.

What can you tell me about chatbots on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger chatbots enable you to automate your most commonly asked business queries and also allow you to produce content for customers to peruse and interact with via chat (similar to a website, via messaging).

Schedule a meal, check on the status of your just purchased clothing, and even find your soul mate: chatbots can do it all. (This isn’t a joke.)

Using Facebook Messenger for advertising purposes is massive.

You’re well aware of how significant the rise of social media has been. Brand24 users have experienced firsthand the potential unlocked by mining social media data for insights.

Here’s the deal. Social media message is much more pervasive than social media itself.

Facebook’s Messenger is the most prominent example. It’s essentially conquering the entire planet.

Granted, I’m being exaggerated, but I’m backed up by numbers Facebook gave me.

More than 2.7 billion individuals across the world log into Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month.
Among those polled in 8 countries throughout the globe, 51% said that texting is their primary means of contact.
Sixty-seven percent of respondents in eight areas around the world said they have boosted their message in the last two years.

Plenty of seemingly meaningless data, yet it serves to illustrate an essential fact about Facebook Messenger and its ability to turbocharge your marketing efforts.

One crucial fact is that Facebook Messenger has a massive audience. It’s clear that there’s a lot of opportunity for businesses to benefit from employing chatbots to promote on Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger are quite effective.

Facebook Messenger chatbots may surprise you with their usefulness beyond their basic capabilities.

Now, I’m going to start spouting some figures at you.

Even in ideal settings with unlimited resources, the typical clickthrough rate for display advertisements and marketing emails is pitiful.

But, a novice marketer with few resources and no experience with Facebook Messenger marketing may easily outperform those statistics.

Building a chatbot for Facebook Messenger is a joke in terms of how simple it is.

The truth is that developing a chatbot is a breeze. As well as entertaining:

A brief rundown of the steps follows:

  • Choose a chatbot maker, such as MobileMonkey or another.
  • Connect your chatbot maker to your Facebook Business profile.
  • To begin a conversation with the chatbot, launch the editor and select the Conversation tab.
  • Modify the conversational prompts and you’re done.

Several free chatbot templates for Facebook Messenger may be found on MobileMonkey, simplifying the development process and reducing the likelihood of errors.

There are three tools that I use often while developing Messenger chatbots or managing marketing campaigns. All of my most successful chatbots have had open rates of 80% or above and tremendous response rates.

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