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How To Increase Likes On The Facebook Page For Your Business

You need an active community on Facebook to succeed there. Without one, no one will see or read your material, making it challenging to increase brand recognition and provide a return on investment.

But, quality of Facebook Likes is just as important as number. You must target the appropriate audience and engage them in ways that support your corporate objectives. Common sense, comprehension of Facebook’s workings, and utilising free social media monitoring tools to assist you optimise your page are all equally important for getting successful results on Facebook.

The following ten strategies can help your company’s Facebook page gain more quality likes:

1. Improve your Facebook page’s information

Most of the time, only the profile photo, cover image, and brief description are shown on your company’s Facebook Page. Make sure your brand’s pictures and description accurately reflect what your business does and entice users to like your page.

2. Create interesting content

Posting interesting, amusing, and engaging material to your company page is crucial. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm is updated often and gives articles that generate interaction (likes, comments, and shares) a boost in reach. Facebook will promote your content by informing the friends of your engaged users on their newsfeed that they have interacted with it.

Facebook recently said that it will modify its algorithm to monitor how long people spend reading content. The best kind of material you share on Facebook for grabbing attention and generating interaction are videos. But make sure the videos are the right length to capture and hold your audience’ attention long enough to watch and absorb the material.

3. Take action

Check out which days (and times of day) your audience is active on Facebook using your Facebook Page Insights. To obtain this information, go to Insights > Posts > When You Fans are Online. In order to determine when the bulk of your followers are engaging with your material, experiment with the scheduling of your posts and post during peak hours when your audience is online.

4. Continually promote your Facebook page.

Be sure to share your Facebook presence on every evergreen material you own and control after your company’s Facebook page has excellent content.

5. Include your current neighbourhood

You have a community that is conveniently close by, including coworkers, existing clients, and business and industry partners. They will probably be your most ardent supporters and think highly of your shareable and entertaining material. If they haven’t already, why not extend a kind invitation to like your business’ Facebook page?

Ensure that the list of contacts you upload or connect to is an owned list of people with whom you or your business already has a relationship (and not a purchased “lead” list). The recommendation message could appear spammy to strangers and provide a negative first impression.

6. Utilize the social plugins for Facebook.

You may use a few of the following free Facebook Social Plugins to advertise your Facebook Page on your website, as we previously advised:

You can quickly integrate and advertise your Facebook Page on your website with the help of the Facebook Page Plugin. Your visitors may like and share the Page without leaving your website, just like on Facebook.

7. Make use of data to win over new community members.

This stage assists in establishing your overall content strategy and works in tandem with #2, “Post Engaging Content.”

8. Spend money on Facebook ads.

Now, in order to be visible on Facebook, you must pay to play. With a wide selection of ad solutions and some of the greatest targeting capabilities on social media, Facebook is a great place to start.

Here is a short explanation of the advertising goals that might eventually result in more Facebook likes:

Get your material in front of the proper audience by boosting your articles. To display material to predetermined target audiences, you may target by interests or upload your own contact lists. You may establish a target audience that has the same interests and demographics as your present clients, potential customers, or Page admirers by using Facebook’s Lookalike audiences feature.

Promote your Page and use geography, age, and interest targeting to discover Facebook users that are a good fit for your company. Another excellent advertisement to test the tool for similar audience.
You may test and experiment with several ad kinds to determine which ones are most effective for your business. Just be sure to pick the one that enables Facebook people to like your page right from the ad.

9. Hold an event

Businesses frequently organise Facebook competitions to expand their audiences and gain more likes. Make sure your contest complies with Facebook’s Promotion Rules if you decide to do this.


To get relevant indicators about the performance of your Page, visit Facebook Insights. Metrics like reach, user engagement rate, number of engaged users, and new Page likes are all available for viewing. You may modify your content accordingly if you understand what motivates your likes and interaction thanks to these indicators.

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